Structure #23034 - Cyntheanne Rd. over Keiser Drain

Project Information

Current Status

07/13/17: Construction on the small structure is expected to begin in the summer of 2017. Bids for this project are now being accepted.

Project Location

Structure #23034 is located on Cyntheanne Rd. between 146th St. and 156th St. in Wayne Township.

Reason for Project

The existing structure has deteriorated on the concrete deck at various locations, some showing exposed reinforcing.  The rail element attached to the deck has significantly rusted and doesn’t meet the current safety criteria.  The sub-structure has started to show slight undermining at the foundation.

Project Scope

Proposed design will widen the structure roadway width from existing and meet current safety standards. The new structure will be able to accommodate Q100 flood event with additional 2 feet of free board for unexpected events.

Construction Details

  • Design Firm: Lochmueller Group
  • Inspection Firm: TBD
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Construction Start Date: Summer 2017 est.
  • Construction Completion: late Fall 2017 est.
  • Construction Cost: TBD
Design and construction costs will be funded locally.