Report an Issue 

  1. ADA Issues

    Report ADA issues, or request ADA assistance.

  2. Crime Tip

    Submit a tip to the Investigations Division of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.

  3. Drainage Investigation Request

    Request investigation of a drainage issue.

  4. Mailbox Replacement Form

  5. Mosquito Control

    Submit an online request for mosquito control.

  6. Report A Polluter

    Report non-stormwater discharge or dumping into stormwater drains, streams, rivers, or other bodies of water. If the problem is serious and needs immediate attention call IDEM's 24 hour hotline: 1-888-233-7745 or call 911.

  7. Traffic Enforcement Request

    Submit a request to the Sheriff's Office for increased traffic enforcement in a specific area.

  8. Food Facilities Complaint

    General cleanliness complaints, Food-borne illness should be reported directly to Health Department staff.

  9. Environmental Complaints

    Un-maintained property inside or out which causes a public health concern.

  10. Sewage/Illegal Waste Discharges

    Report discharge of untreated sewage or other waste causing a potential public health concern.