Local Rules

Pursuant to Trial Rule 81 of the Indiana Rules of Procedure, the Hamilton County Circuit and Superior Courts hereby adopt the following rules to aid in the fair and efficient resolution of disputes. These rules apply to all attorneys and pro se litigants. These rules (or their sub-paragraphs) shall be cited to the court in the following sections.

These rules are generally not applicable to small claims proceedings because those proceedings are governed by the Indiana rules for small claims and the Hamilton County Small Claims Litigant's Booklet. Hamilton County Local Trial Rule 210, however, governs the selection of a special judge in a small claims case.

Ordered adopted as amended and effective this 1st day of July, 2014.
  1. Administrative Rules

    Read the adopted Hamilton County Court Local Administrative Rules.

  2. Trial Rules

    Find Local Trial Rules for Hamilton County courts.

  3. Criminal Rules

    Read through the local criminal rules and regulations from Hamilton County.

  4. Family Law Rules

    Find information on Hamilton County Family Law court rules and orders.

  5. Jury Rules

    Read about Hamilton County local rules for summoning jurors.

  6. Trial De Novo Rules

    Read about rules adopted to implement the Supreme Court Rules of procedure regarding trial de novo requests from city and town courts.

  7. Probate Rules

    Read the Local Probate Rules from the Hamilton County Judicial System.

  8. Juvenile Rules

    Learn about rules guiding juvenile judiciary proceedings.

  9. Appendix A

    Read the Hamilton County Bond Schedule.

  10. Appendix B

    Get information provided by the Hamilton County Visitation Guidelines appendix.

  11. Appendix C

    Access the bail schedule for misdemeanor offenses in Hamilton County.

  12. Notice of Rule Proposal

    Read public notices and announcements of rule change proposals.