Probation Department

Mission Statement
The mission of the Hamilton County Department of Probation Services is to maintain public safety by effectively supervising participants and providing or referring them to programs and services in an effort to reduce their risk of re-offending.
  1. Adult Probation

    Read about adult probation programs, resources, and court information.

  2. Juvenile Probation

    Learn about juvenile offender probation programs and supervision programs.

  3. Community Service Work

    Find resources for completing community service work and learn about organizations who need community service volunteers.

  4. Probation Resources

    Find helpful links, related documents, and probation resources.

  5. Probation FAQs

    Get answers to your general probation programming questions.

  6. Employment Opportunities

    If you are interested in employment and/or internship with the Hamilton County Department of Probation Services, find information about current job openings, qualifications, and internship programs.