1. Assumed Business Name

    A Sole Proprietorship and General Partnership must file a "Certificate of Assumed Business Name" with the County Recorder of each county in which it has a place of business.

  2. Bad Check Program

    Since September, 1996, the Prosecutor's Office has had the Bad Check Program in place to help merchants and consumers alike track down bad check writers, collect and return the money to the victim, and deter future offenses.

  3. Bid Opportunities

    Access bids and RFPs for consultants, service providers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers.

  4. Business Directory

    Search a listing of businesses and organizations that operate in the area.

  5. Business Health Preparedness

    Access resources to prepare your business or your employer for a health pandemic.

  6. Business Property Taxes

    Find all the forms you need to file your business personal property taxes.

  7. County Verification of Business Location

    Apply for a County Verification of Business Location (State Form 44184) for obtaining an Alcoholic Beverage Permit.

  8. Food Inspections

    The Hamilton County Health Department currently permits and inspects over 1,000 food services and food stores within the county borders.

  9. Parcel & Split Information

    Learn about policies for combining or splitting properties and parcels in Hamilton County.

  10. Plats & Subdivisions

    Read about the county ordinances governing plats and subdivision transfers.

  11. Property Reassessments

    The Hamilton County Assessor's office has begun the process of Cyclical Reassessment which requires that we review and verify the property information that we have on record.

  12. Weights & Measures

    Weights and Measures is committed to protecting the economic health of the community by preserving and maintaining confidence in the accuracy of weighing and measuring instruments, product standards, and business practices used in commerce.