Drainage permit request forms, non-enforcement forms, and petition forms are all located to the right under Forms and Applications.


  • 07-09-12 (PDF) - Fees and Permits for Access to Regulated Drains
  • 2-8-10-A (PDF) - Fees Charged by the Hamilton County Surveyor
  • 4-26-99-C (PDF) - Work Standards for Regulated Drains
  • 3-25-02-A (PDF) - Detail Drawings for Drain Design Standards for Regulated Drains
  • 04-11-05-A (PDF) - Submission of Record Drawings and the Standardization of the Digital Information
  • 5-09-05-A (PDF) - Illicit Discharge and Connection Storm Water
  • 5-09-05-B (PDF) - Regulating Storm Water Runoff Associated with Construction and Post-Construction
  • 9-25-06-A (PDF) - Establishing Procedures for Imposing Maintenance Duties for Drainage Structures Discharging into Regulated Drains
  • 4-14-08-A (PDF) - Adopting an administration fee in relation to the certification of alcoholic beverage permits by the Hamilton County Surveyor
Benchmarks are now available dynamically on the Hamilton County Main Map Room.

Section Corner Records
Section Corner Records are now available dynamically on the Hamilton County Main Map Room.

Corner References
Section Corner Record Coordinates given are for reference only. They were established by RTK GPS using Trimble R8 rover and base (HAMC) which is located at the Hamilton County Judicial Center. There were 3 minutes of data were collected. Coordinates are in U.S. Survey feet referenced to the Indiana State Plane Coordinate System, East Zone, NAD83(CORS96) with elevations in NAVD88 derived using geoid model (GEOID 2003).