Health and Environment

  1. Food Facility Inspections

    The Hamilton County Health Department currently permits and inspects over 1,000 food services and food stores within the county borders.

  2. Immunizations & Testing

    Find helpful information on immunizations, immunizations clinics, and immunization forms.

  3. Mosquito Control

    Information about mosquito control, file request for mosquito control

  4. Public Health Education

    The Health Education Division of the Hamilton County Health Department strives to improve attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors in order to enhance the health of the county's residents.

  5. Recreation Water Sampling Program

    Search our Water Sampling Program in order to monitor levels of e.coli

  6. Recycling Information

    The Hamilton County Household Hazardous Waste Center collects all types of household consumer products that are generally considered hazardous or environmentally unsafe to dispose of improperly.

  7. Septic & Well Permits

    Search our records of Septic Permit Data, Documents, Photos and Maintenance Information

  8. Sewage Disposal Program

    On-site sewage disposal is a large portion of the work completed by the Environmental Health Division.

  9. Vital Records

    All persons born in Hamilton County after 1882 have written birth and death certificates on file with the Health Department.

  10. Water Quality Program

    The Environmental Health Division of the Hamilton County Health Department is charged with improving environmental awareness accomplished through investigations, inspections and regulatory enforcement.