SS#31008 / SS#31069 - 226th St. & Six Points Rd.

Project Information

Current Status

07/26/16: Construction is complete.

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Project Location

Structures SS#31008 and SS#31069 carry 226th Street and Six Points Road over Jay Ditch in Adams Township.

Project Scope

Construction widened the structure roadway width in accordance with current safety standards. The structures are now able to accommodate a Q100 flood event.

Construction Details

  • Design/Inspection Firm: USI Consultants
  • Contractor: Hoosier Pride Excavating
  • Construction Start Date: August 2015
  • Construction Completion: June 2016 (both structures)
  • Construction Cost: $844,000

Reason for Project

Deterioration was evident on the concrete at various locations, some showing exposed reinforcing.


Funding for SS#31008 was accomplished using GO Bond proceeds.  SS#31069 was funded using Local Funds.
Br. 302 - Six Points Rd. over Jay Ditch