HHW Drop-Off Center


The HHW Drop Off Center provides an environmentally safe option for Hamilton County residents to dispose of unwanted household hazardous waste products.

We accept typical household wastes that are considered hazardous such as fuels, oils, rechargeable batteries, mercury containing bulbs, cleaners, paints, pesticides, electronics, freon appliances, sharps, and tires. Get details about Materials Accepted.

Helpful Reminders

  • The HHW Center only accepts materials during regular business hours
  • Residents are responsible for unloading their materials
  • Residents are strongly encouraged to bring help if they have large items
  • Only Hamilton County residents can use the facility
  • Proof of residency is required such as a valid drivers license or tax id form
  • Residents are required to complete an address form when dropping off materials certifying the material brought in originated from their own residence
  • Materials from Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, etc. will NOT be accepted. 
  • Materials in commercial/business vehicles will NOT be accepted

Safe Handling

Proper handling is very important. Materials pose many safety hazards if not packed for transportation properly. Below are a few tips to take in consideration before bringing your materials into the HHW center. Please see our Materials Accepted page for a break down of items that may be dropped off. 
  • Place items containing liquid into plastic totes to avoid a mess in your vehicle
  • Avoid packing items in trash bags or grocery bags, as they can spill easily if not upright
  • Do not mix fragile items, such as light bulbs, with other materials
  • Do not pour materials together, as a violent reaction can occur
  • Make sure your material is in the original container and properly labeled
  • Materials that are not packed safely may not be accepted at the HHW Center
  • As always, follow manufacturers recommendations for safe handling and use

If you have questions regarding the packaging of materials, you may contact the HHW Center during regular business hours.