General Recycling Area

2023 HHW Center and General Recycling Area Holiday Schedule and Closures
HHW Recycling Bins

The Hamilton County General Recycling Area

The Hamilton County Household Hazardous Waste Center maintains a self-serve residential general recycling area. This area, which is directly south of the HHW Drop-Off Center has four big blue compactors for all county residents to deposit their general household recyclables.  This area is available the same hours as the HHW Drop-Off Center (Tues-Fri 8am to 5pm and Saturday 8am to 1pm).  

This area is for Hamilton County RESIDENTIAL use only.  It is meant for residents that do not have curbside recycling.  If you have curbside recycling, please use it.  Our compactors go to the exact same facility as your curbside recycling bins. 

Businesses and contractors are NOT allowed to use this area.  Work directly with a vendor for recycling services at your business.  

You are not required to register ahead if you are only using the General Recycling Area.

Recycling Materials Accepted in the General Recycling Area Compactors

All materials must be loose, clean, and dry.  NO PLASTIC BAGS of any kind in any of the big blue compactors!  Just because an item has the triangle arrows on it does not mean it is recyclable at our facility.  Do not participate in "wishcycling" please ask a technician if something is recyclable before putting it in any of the bins.  

  • Commingle Compactor: We will accept Aluminum & Steel Cans (NO SCRAP METAL!),  Plastic bottles, jugs, and small containers (Nothing larger than a laundry detergent bottle! No plastic bags or wrap!).  Glass jars and bottles can go into the orange bin on the north side of the general recycling area.  If glass jars and bottles go into the commingle bin they may not be recycled by Republic. Please DO NOT bag recycling!
  • Mixed Paper Compactor:  We will accept loose/clean: Newspaper, Magazines, Packing Paper, Shopping Catalogs, Office and School Paper, Mail, NO SHREDDED PAPER.  Please DO NOT bag recycling!
  • Cardboard Compactors: There are two compactors for cardboard.  Please only, CLEAN and flattened cardboard and paperboard only.  (no cardboard with wax, tin, styrofoam, or plastic). Please remove all Styrofoam!!

For more information, visit "Recycling Simplified" to know what can go into the compactors at the Hamilton County General Recycling Area Compactors.  If Republic is your curbside recycling provider, this is also guidance on what you can put in your bin at home.

Take Recyclables Directly to Republic

If our facility hours do not work for your schedule, you can take materials directly to Republic's Material Recovery Facility located at 4935 Robinson Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268. Their hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm, Saturday 7:30am to 11:30am, Closed Sundays.  

We now have a separate bin for just glass bottles and jars!  We can 100% guarantee these glass bottles and jars get recycled because they are separate from the commingled bin.  PLEASE do not put any other types of glass in this bin or any of the Republic bins.  
Glass Bin
Plastic Bag and Wrap Collection in Recycling Area

Plastic Bags, Wrap, and Bubble Wrap - Clean and loose plastic bags, wrap, and bubble wrap is now being accepted by our facility.  Generally, if you can poke your figure through it then its the type of flexible plastic we can accept.  On Tuesday, Friday, or Saturdays you can give clean and loose plastic bags and wraps to the technicians working in the General Recycling Area (Image to the left).   You can also check in with the technicians working at the main HHW Drop-Off Center with plastic bags and wrap.  PLEASE do NOT put plastic bags, wrap, or bubble wrap into the big blue compactor bins in the general recycling area!!!   You can also take bags, wraps, bubble wrap to retailers such as Kroger, Meijer, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. 

Materials NOT Accepted

  • Styrofoam and/or Packing Peanuts - PRI off Rockville Road stopped their public drop-off so right now we recommended for you to put in your trash at home.  Recycle Force in Indianapolis may start accepting Styrofoam from the general public the summer of 2023. 
  • Trash or Garbage (including materials contaminated with oil or food) - Trash at home or transfer station. 
  • Plastic Toys, Scrap Plastics, PVC - Trash at home or transfer station.
  • Grass Clippings or Yard Waste - Take to GreenCycle
  • Scrap Metals - Ace or Newco Scrap Metal
  • Windows or Panes of Glass - Trash at home or transfer station.
  • Building Materials such as siding, shingles, boards, etc. - Trash at home or transfer station.
  • "When in doubt, throw it out" - If you are not sure what type of plastic or material it is, do NOT put it in the compactor.  Ask a technician at our facility or throw it in your curbside garbage at home.  Just because a plastic item has a number with the triangle does not mean it is recyclable at our facility.  Visit Republic's website to find out what is and is not recyclable in the big blue compactor bins at our facility.


  • Items not placed in the corresponding containers will be considered illegally dumped.  The area is under surveillance. 
  • Violation of illegal dumping ORDINANCE SEC. 13-21-4-1, upon conviction, shall be fined an amount not to exceed $2,500.00.
What Republic Accepts
Bring Election Signs to the HHW Drop-Off Center for Recycling