Law Enforcement Officers of the Year

Each year, the Prosecuting Attorney recognizes two officers for his or her distinguished service to the community and the pursuit of justice.  One investigator (usually holding an assignment as a detective) and one road officer are selected from the nominations garnered from within the Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

Past Winners:

 Year Investigator of the Year Road Officer of the Year
2008Greg Marlow (Westfield PD)
Scott McKinney (Hamilton Co. Sheriff's Office)
Wayne Druelinger (Fishers PD)
2009Nancy Zellers (Carmel PD)
Tim Hendricks (Noblesville PD)
Corey Berfield (Indiana State Police)
Dennis Quakenbush (Hamilton Co. Sheriff's Office)
2010Bob Locke (Carmel PD)Billy J. Adams (Westfield PD)
2011Daniel Nelson (Fishers PD)Eric Gilbert (Hamilton Co. Sheriff's Office)
2012Brett Bays (Westfield PD)Andrew Reiss (Noblesville PD)
2013Mike Haskett (Noblesville PD)Chad Amos (Carmel PD)
2014Willie Collins (Carmel PD)Kevin Crask (Hamilton Co. Sheriff's Office)
2015Greg Marlow (Westfield PD)Kevin Silbaugh (Fishers PD)
2016Nancy Zellers (Carmel PD)Dave Lindenschmidt (Noblesville PD)
2017Scott Goff (Hamilton Co. Sheriff's Office)
Greg Weesner (Fishers PD)
2018Cesar Rodriguez (Fishers PD)Michael Steffen (Noblesville PD)
2019 Dave Finn (Fishers PD)
Mike Haskett (Noblesville PD)
Jarred Koopman & K-9 Harlej (Fishers PD)
2020Kirby Campbell (Fishers PD) Lydia Fairchok (Sheridan PD)
2021Christopher Bay (Carmel PD)Jonathan Mathioudakis (Westfield PD)
2022Gregory Loveall (Carmel PD)Wade Burtron (Westfield PD)
Jensen Marie Fionda (Cicero PD)