Are you prepared?

Taking simple steps to prepare can potentially save you and your family.  It is important to:

  1. Make a Plan - Plan for emergencies at home, school, and work.  Make sure everyone in your family knows the plan.  You can find a sample plan here.
  2. Build a Kit - Make sure you have an emergency kit with enough supplies for three days.  You can find a sample kit list here.
  3. Stay Informed - Have multiple ways to stay informed.  You can download the HCEM App for free from the App Store or Goggle Play, search for Hamilton County Emergency Management Indiana.  Make sure you have a weather radio to receive alerts if the internet, cell service, and/or if the power is out.  

Car Disaster Preparedness

Carmen Adams is a master’s student and created a great page on car disaster preparedness.  Check out her page - Being Prepared for the Worst: What To Have In Your Car In Case of Disaster.