191st St. and Grassy Branch Rd. Intersection Improvement

Project Information

Current Status

10/13/2020: The Environmental Documents and Plan Set for the 191st St. and Grassy Branch Rd. Roundabout are now available.

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Project Location

The project will take place at the intersection of 191st St. and Grassy Branch Rd. in Washington Township.


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Project Scope

The improvement project will consist of the construction of a new roundabout. Upon completion, the roundabout will be striped as a single-lane roundabout, but is expandable to two lanes in the future.

Reason for Project
Improvements are needed to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion.

Construction Details

  • Design Firm: DLZ
  • Inspection Firm: TBD
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Construction Start Date: TBD
  • Construction Completion: TBD
  • Construction Cost: TBD


Design costs will be locally funded. Construction will be funded 80% by Federal Aid / 20% local match.
191st & Grassy Branch Roundabout