Incorrigibility, also known as habitual disobedience of a parent/guardian, is where a child habitually disobeys the reasonable and lawful commands of the parent/guardian.

Helpful Resources

Incorrigibility Application

The Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office’s Incorrigibility Form is an online form that can be accessed at: 

  The application form must be filled out online and in its entirety with detailed and specific information. 

  Some general information about incorrigibility in Hamilton County:

  1. Unless you are already working with the Youth Assistance Program in your area, the report will be forwarded to such agency in an attempt to provide resources and assistance to you, your child and family without Court intervention. Our office highly recommends that you work with their program prior to probation or court services.
  2. Should you already be working with Youth Assistance in your area, this report will be forwarded to the Hamilton County Juvenile Probation Department. That office will contact you with a date to meet with them in person.
  3. Please keep in mind that if this matter would go to juvenile court, there may be certain programs or items that both your child and you are ordered to participate in. There may also be fees that are ordered to be paid by the Court.