Privacy Policy

Public Records

All information collected at this site becomes a public record that may be subject to inspection and copying by the public unless an exemption in law exists. Public information includes correspondence with the county such as emails, website comments, and feedback.

Hamilton County is subject to state and federal laws assuring the public's right to access public records and information. Public information involves information about activity that is regulated. For example, the purchase of legal documents provides public information and is regulated by state and county laws and code. If such a purchase was by credit card, the credit card information is not public information and would only be shared to those trusted entities required for processing (for example third party credit card verification services).


Hamilton County may use "cookies" to store information that can be reused during subsequent visits to the County website. A website cookie is a small text file that a web server stores on a user’s computer. This information usually is limited to a generated user ID or site presentation preferences. Web browsers can be configured to reject the storage of "cookies" on the user's PC if desired. The County uses cookies to improve user experience. 

Usage Tracking Data

The County tracks and logs the usage of this website. These logs provides data necessary for maintenance and enhancement of the site. It also may be used to identify and block attacks against the system.  

Please direct your comments about this statement to the web master.