Bridge #36 - 116th St. over WIlliams Creek

Project Information

Current Status

11/13/18: Construction is complete. 116th St. is open to traffic.

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Project Location

Bridge 36 carries 116th St. over Williams Creek in Carmel.
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Reason for Project

Bridge Preservation

Project Scope

The end bents will be converted to semi-integral.  The approach slabs and guardrail will be removed and replaced.  The existing bridge deck will be patched and overlaid.

Construction Details

  • Inspection Firm: HWC Engineering
  • Contractor: HIS Constructors
  • Construction Start Date: June 2018
  • Construction Completion: August 2018
  • Construction Cost: $280,000
Design and construction costs will be funded locally.
Bridge #36 - 116th St. over Williams Creek