Bridge #310 - New Pleasant St. Bridge over White River

Project Information

Current Status

1/20/23: Construction is underway. Right-of-way clearing and utility relocation is ongoing. 

For more information on this project, please visit the Reimagine Pleasant St. web page. 

Project Location

Bridge 310 will carry the proposed Pleasant St. over White River just south of downtown Noblesville. 

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Reason for Project 

To provide a viable east-west corridor, paralleling SR32/SR38 to the south, to relieve traffic congestion in downtown Noblesville.  This corridor would also provide an alternate truck route to relocate non-essential truck traffic from downtown Noblesville.

Project Scope

A new bridge will be constructed over the White River along the proposed alignment for Pleasant St.

Construction Details

  • Design Firm: USI Consultants
  • Inspection Firm: CHA Consulting
  • Contractor: Beaty Construction
  • Construction Start Date: Winter 2023
  • Construction Completion: Fall 2024
  • Construction Cost: $15.5M


Design will be funded locally by Hamilton County. Construction will be funded by a combination of Federal Aid and local monies.

Bridge #310 - Pleasant St. over White River