Bridge #310 - New Pleasant St. Bridge over White River

Project Information

Current Status

11/17/23: Construction is underway.  

For more information on this project, please visit the Reimagine Pleasant St. web page.

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Project Location

Bridge 310 will carry the proposed Pleasant St. over White River just south of downtown Noblesville.

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Reason for Project 

To provide a viable east-west corridor, paralleling SR32/SR38 to the south, to relieve traffic congestion in downtown Noblesville.  This corridor would also provide an alternate truck route to relocate non-essential truck traffic from downtown Noblesville.

Project Scope

A new bridge will be constructed over the White River along the proposed alignment for Pleasant St.

Construction Details

  • Design Firm: USI Consultants
  • Inspection Firm: CHA Consulting / USI Consultants
  • Contractor: Beaty Construction
  • Construction Start Date: Winter 2023
  • Construction Completion: Fall 2024
  • Construction Cost: $15.5M


Design & Construction will be funded locally by Hamilton County.

Bridge #310 - Pleasant St. over White River