EOC Volunteer


The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) volunteer program allows individuals to serve the community by learning how to staff and manage the EOC. The program is a good opportunity for personnel with military, law enforcement, fire, or emergency management experience to build upon their skills. Volunteers are trained on how to operate the technology in the room including smart boards, video and audio switching, video teleconferencing, and radio systems. Knowing how to manage the center is also a critical skill taught to volunteers. Program participants meet twice a month and have many opportunities to learn valuable skills they can apply to current and future positions.

Hamilton County Emergency Operations Center

The Emergency Operations Center is a multi-agency coordination center to support county-wide response operations to emergencies and disasters.

Program Benefits

  • Learn valuable skills to manage emergencies and disasters as an EOC Manager
  • Help safeguard the county through EOC Storm Operations during severe weather
  • Gain access to public safety training programs at the local, state, and federal levels
  • Learn how to use systems used by local, state, and federal governments
  • Master technology including smart touch screens, video switching systems, video teleconferencing systems, computer-aided dispatch, and more
  • Become skilled at using different public safety and amateur radio systems
  • Give something back to the community by helping keep over 310,000 people safe
  • Gain real-world experience and build your resume through the affiliation of a local government organization


Another benefit to the program is training.  We offer training in national standards based on real-world experience.  Our program is structured at four levels to provide opportunities for participants to expand their knowledge and skillsets.  As a team member of Hamilton County Emergency Management, participants can take advantage of local, state, and federal programs.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must complete a volunteer application
  • Must pass a background check
  • Applicants are interviewed to determine if their skill level is in line with the requirements for an EOC and command post type environment
  • Attend monthly meeting and training sessions by donating at least four hours a month
  • Complete required training courses at home

Next Steps