FAQ - Infraction Deferral

Q. My offense is not listed in the above list of offenses.
A. Call the Infraction Deferral Office at 317-770-8860

Q. What if I had a deferral in another county in the last 12 months. Am I still eligible in Hamilton County?
A. You have to have at least 12 months from the dismissal date of the previous deferral and the issue date on your new ticket for you to be eligible. Call the deferral office if you'd like to discuss.for your answer.

Q. I can't remember when I got my last ticket
A. Check your driving record prior to calling the deferral office.

Q. What happens to my ticket during my deferral period?
A. The ticket is pending during the deferral period. It is not sent to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Q. How do I know when my deferral program is complete?
A. The court will send you a dismissal letter signed by the judge assigned to your case.

Q. My child (ages 15, 16, and 17) received a ticket.  Is he/she eligible for deferral?
A. Call the deferral office at 317-770-8860.  Juveniles---under 18 years of age who carry a Probationary license ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for the County deferral on a State Statute offense BUT may be eligible if it is an ordinance violation or if the ticket is assigned to a City Court. Please call the deferral office for information on tickets assigned to any City Court.

Q. I was under 18 when I received my ticket, but turned 18 before my court date.
A. YOU MUST APPEAR AT THE COURT DATE WITH A PARENT IF YOU WERE UNDER 18 WHEN YOU RECEIVED THE TICKET. You can not enroll in deferral prior to your first court date.

Q. I have a Chauffeurs license but don't transport people.
A. As long as you do not use it to transport people you should be eligible.

Q. I am within a week of my court date, is it to late to enroll in deferral?
A. Call the court assigned to you and ask for a reset court date to give you more time to enroll in deferral.
        If your last name begins with:
             A-F Superior 4 # is 317-776-9612
             G-O Superior 5 # is 317-776-8260
             P-Z Superior 6 # is 317-770-4450.
        Then call the deferral line at 317-770-8860 to advise us of your new court date.

Q. I lost my ticket, what do I do?
A. Call the court you would be assigned to. You are assigned by the first letter of your last name.  See the list in the above question.

Q. On what date does my program start?
A. Your program starts when the deferral office receives your paperwork and payment.

Q. Do I need an attorney to enroll in deferral?
A. An attorney is not necessary for enrollment in the Infraction Deferral Program.  You may contact the deferral office at 317-770-8860 to discuss your eligibility and receive instructions.