Bridge #187 - 106th St. over Mud Creek

Project Information

Current Status

1/20/23: Design is underway.

Project Location

Bridge 187 carries 106th St. over Mud Creek. 

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Reason for Project

This bridge needs replaced due to its structural condition and due to its inadequate waterway opening.

Project Scope

Bridge Replacement – The bridge will be lengthened to better accommodate the floodway and help reduce flooding along 106th Street in this area.

Construction Details

  • Design Firm: BLN
  • Inspection Firm: TBD
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Construction Start Date: Spring 2024
  • Construction Completion: Fall 2024
  • Construction Cost: $3.85M (estimated)
Design will be funded locally. Currently construction is local funded, but federal funding is being pursued.