Solar Project at Correctional Campus

October 2018
This Hamilton County Solar Project paves the way to a more sustainable energy future derived by the sun.

The 8-million-dollar project is paid for from the savings and no new tax dollars were allocated for the project. The project features 9,346 solar panels on building roofs at the Correctional Campus on Cumberland Road and three acres of County property near the main public safety radio tower on the East side of SR 37. In addition to the solar panels, the County has also changed out all lighting to LED Energy Efficient Lighting and converted the Community Corrections electric heat to gas heat with electric back up.

The solar panels became operational in October 2018. The project will save the County Tax Payers $25 million in utility and maintenance costs over the next 25 years.

The solar project will provide enough energy to power 38-percent of the jail complex and 100-percent of the Health Services building. “This project isn’t about the right now, it’s about our future,”

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