Emergency Management Reservist Program

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Hamilton County Emergency Management recognizes skilled individuals in our community who would like to volunteer with HCEM during an emergency or disaster but may not have the time to commit to a regular program.  Our reservist program allows qualified individuals to be rostered as a volunteer so they can help during an emergency or disaster without a big commitment.


The reservist program allows individuals who have experience in public safety, emergency management, medical, disaster service, or other skills who can assist during an emergency or disaster.  Below are two examples that motivated us to create this program.

  • A retired fire marshal with EOC experience is willing to help out in an emergency but does not want a big commitment. 
  • An experienced nurse who is willing to help in an emergency in any capacity but does not have time for the EOC Volunteer program.


The goal of the reservist program is to have a group of trained and experienced personnel who do not require any additional training.  Only qualified individuals will be permitted to join the program.

Qualifications include, but not limited to:

  • Previous disaster/emergency response experience
  • Public safety or military service
  • Previous completion of disaster-based training, public safety, or other related current or past certifications (Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, Associate Emergency Manager, Certified Emergency Manager, licensed medical professional, engineer, etc.)
  • FEMA Independent Study Courses 100, 200, 700, 800
  • ICS 300 and ICS 400


Reservist volunteers are required to attend a four-hour course to learn more about HCEM and how we operate during a disaster.  The class will provide students with a better understanding of the organization, introduction to plans and procedures, and learn how they can help during a disaster.

Individuals wanting to take part in an HCEM Volunteer program must:

  1. Be 18 years of age or older
  2. Have a PSID and a FEMA SID #
  3. Submit your online application
  4. We will contact you to schedule an interview. During the interview, you will complete forms for a background check.
  5. Complete fingerprinting at the Hamilton County Sherriff's office.  You will receive an email with directions after your fingerprints have been submitted.
  6. Complete program training requirements and submit proof of completion.
  7. Submit certificates of completion of FEMA Independent Study (IS) Courses: IS-100 and IS-700.

Background Check Policy:
All volunteers shall undergo a background check upon initial application and every two years after the volunteer’s start date. The purpose of the background check is to provide the citizens of Hamilton County with well-qualified volunteers who can serve in a public safety capacity as an “Emergency Management Worker” under Indiana Code 10-14-3-3. Individuals with a negative record may not be considered for volunteer positions.

  • Email your current licenses and certifications to Monica Peterson
  • Attend initial training session
  • Complete biannual update course

Volunteers are encouraged to respond when requested; however, we understand personnel may not be available when a disaster strikes.