Want to hear from us? Here are ways to stay in-the-loop and know what’s happening with your local government.

Emergency Alerts

Emergency Management posts Emergency Alerts to the County website; an alert banner will display across the top of every page. However these posts are not updated frequently. We provide the following services for the most current information during an emergency:

  • Emergency Management sends alerts via their EM Mobile App, you can register for EM alerts.
  • Emergency Management encourages everyone to register with Smart911. This will link your mobile phone number with your home address. It saves time by helping 911 know your location.  
  • Emergency Management posts alerts to Social Media as listed on our Social Media Index.
  • Emergency Management sends critical notifications to the Emergency Alert System with Wireless Priority Messaging; this is the national warning system for the United States. These messages are sent to CMAS-capable cell phones. They are also transmitted via terrestrial and satellite radio and television (including broadcast and multichannel television). Use a Radio with the SAME protocol for emergency needs.
  • The Sheriff’s Office posts alerts to Social Media as listed on our Social Media Index.

Park Condition Alerts 

Alerts concerning temporary restrictions and closures of County Parks are posted on the Parks and Recreation page.

Notifications and News

Receive news and reminders related to various topics such as Property Tax Reminders; Election Reminders and Updates; and various Meetings. You can select which topics you what to receive. Go to Notify Me.

Agendas and Minutes

Sign up to receive notices about Agendas and Minutes. You can select which committees you want to receive. Refer to the Agendas and Minutes Index

Office Interruptions 

Unplanned Interruptions such as closures of our public buildings, phones that are out-of-service, and other unusual business situations are posted to the website. The alert banner will display across the top of every page on the site. You can also sign up for Hamilton County News Flashes or follow Hamilton County Facebook.

Office Holidays

Scheduled closures are shown on our Government Calendar on the home page. They are also posted to the County News section a few days prior.