Register Your Visit

Map of New HHW Drop-Off Location beginning Jan 1

2024 HHW Center and General Recycling Holiday Schedule for days the facility is closed

The Hamilton County Household Hazardous Waste Center is requesting you to register your visit in advance.  This acts as your “turn-in form” for household wastes such as chemicals, electronics (*$20 per TV fee beginning Feb 2, 2021), sharps, tires, etc. Please use the calendar below to register your visit and please follow the HHW Drop-Off Procedures below: 

HHW Drop-Off Center Procedures:

  • Our HHW Drop-Off is now located at the building along the west side of the General Recycle Area.   Expect this drop-off location to change a few more times during road construction and building remodeling plans.   
  • This program is for Hamilton County residences for waste from their personal residential use.  No businesses or contractors allowed.  Limit 200 pounds of chemicals (i.e. paint, cleaners, pesticides, etc.) per residence per month. 
  • Please try your best to arrive the same time you registered but its okay if you are a little late or early. 
  • Please call ahead (317-776-4005 and press 1) or check our "materials accepted" page to learn what we do and do not accept.
  • Any chemicals, automotive fluids, or paints must be sorted, upright, and clearly labeled.  PLEASE do not bag items.
  • We have a right to refuse any materials we feel are unsafe or not following program rules. 
  • MOST IMPORTANT – Please be patient.  
  • To schedule an appointment, click on a bold date to select an available time.