Proposed Potter's Bridge Park Expansion

Proposed Potter’s Bridge Park Expansion - 45 Acres +/- Noblesville

Location: Potter’s Bridge Park, 19401 Allisonville Road, Noblesville, IN 46060   

Details and Description: A proposed land donation would allow for the potential to expand Potter’s Bridge Park by approximately forty-five acres, resulting in a total park size of 120 acres.  Hamilton County Parks and Recreation currently owns parkland that is contiguous with three sides of the land donation.

Objectives/Benefits:  Land to become county park property in phases.  The land acquisition, would allow for:

- Expanding the White River Greenway Trail Corridor, through completion of a much-needed trail loop that would include multiple boardwalks

- Unifying park property that contacts three sides of the proposed land donation

- Opening twenty acres of land-locked park property, permitting recreational utilization, otherwise unachievable

- Preserving and expanding approximately ten acres of land that would serve as a critical riparian buffer

- Adding ingress and egress to the park,  for convenience and increased safety, as well as the strategic placement of berms and landscape buffers

- Installing both still water and river canoe and kayak launches, intended to address the increased public demand for such amenities at the park

- Providing a lake with edge access for fishing, unique vistas from green space overlooks, a pier and potentially three additional shelter houses 

- Ecologically improving the land through conversion of the property’s existing monoculture into managed green space, capable of supporting a far broader array of wildlife and native vegetation; during and after development 

With a balance of stewardship and measured development of this property’s natural resources, Hamilton County Parks, through this proposed park expansion, has the ability to fulfill precepts outlined in its mission statement, and achieve specific objectives contained within the department’s five-year master plan.

For more details regarding this opportunity, please contact our office at 317-770-4400 or

Potter's Bridge Park Expansion Concept Maps

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Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4-5

To view the proposed Potter's Bridge Expansion concept maps and all project phases, please click the right arrow above. Images can also be viewed in this PDF document

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