Our Equipment

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Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Our Communications Center operates on New World CAD, which features:
  • Automatic Vehicle Locator GPS on all police,fire and EMS vehicles
  • Mapping Integration
  • Business and Alarm Subsystems
  • Unit recommendation so that the closest units can be dispatched
  • Premise alert data to alert responding units to danger or pertinent information
  • Statistical Reporting so that Police and Fire Administration can track and keep up to date on calls for service

VESTA Pallas Phone System

VESTA is a PBX based digital phone system. It features:
  • 911 and administrative line capabilities
  • Compatibility with our CAD mapping system
  • FCC wireless Phase I and Phase II compliant
  • Automatic location identification (ALI) rebid to update wireless callers location data
  • VoIP compatible ANI/ALI
VESTA Software System Screenshot
Motorola Astro 25 Digital P25 Trunking Radio System
  • Provides both trunked and conventional digital radio dispatch
  • 800MHz and VHF compatible
  • Digital playback of radio traffic
  • Multiple customizable screens
Trunking Radio System Screenshot

Medical Priority ProQA Software

ProQA is an integrated and certified software program that our dispatchers use to take fire and EMS calls. It determines what resources to send to the call being taken based on the severity and nature of the call.

Program Details

We use this structured program to quickly and efficiently gather critical information required for every call, including: address, callback number, caller name, and chief complaint. Drop-down answer choices make it quick and easy to navigate through the key questions that determine the response needed for the call. Links make it easy for call-takers to quickly give pre-arrival instructions appropriate for the case.
ProQA Medical Priority Software Screenshot