Interested in Appointment Opportunities?

It is the goal of Hamilton County to actively pursue and engage with citizens interested in serving and participating in government. Many committees, boards, and commissions provide opportunities to engage with our citizenry in ways that help our County. It is through participation by many that our County will continue to thrive.

Appointments are generally made towards the end of the calendar year, although some exceptions may apply. To ensure your application is considered for the upcoming year, submit your application by November 15th.

The County is seeking members of the community who are willing to:

  • help support the mission and vision of our County,
  • serve the residents and communities within which we live and work,
  • uphold the values of the community at large,
  • provide regular updates and communicate as requested with the appointing body, and
  • respond to inquiries from citizens and businesses regarding activities and decisions made by the committee, board, or commission.

This is a commitment and by applying for an appointed position, you are acknowledging the minimal expectations of the role.

Involvement Opportunities

Hamilton County Oversight
Alcoholic Beverage Board
Board of Zoning Appeals
Community Corrections Advisory Board
Hamilton County Public Building Corporation
Hamilton County Redevelopment Authority
Hamilton County Redevelopment Commission 
Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals

Environment, Infrastructure and Parks
Hamilton County Airport Authority
Hamilton County Cemetery Commission
Hamilton County Parks Board
Home Place Advisory Board
Hoosier Heritage Port Authority
TriCo Regional Sewer Utility Board of Trustees

Local Business, Community and Hospitality Support
Economic Development Boards
Hamilton County Board of Health
Hamilton County Economic Development Commission
Hamilton County Plan Commission
Hamilton County Visitor and Convention Commission
Library Boards
Riverview Hospital Board of Trustees