Local Business, Community and Hospitality Support

Information on this page is provided to give applicants a general idea of roles and responsibilities. Actual by-laws and other pertinent information will be shared by the board during onboarding.

Appointments are generally made towards the end of the calendar year, although some exceptions may apply. To ensure your application is considered for the upcoming year, submit your application by November 15th.

Hamilton County Board of Health 

(pursuant to IC 16-20-2)

Term Length: 4 Years
The Hamilton County Board of Health provides oversight, necessary guidance, support, and policy determinations for the Hamilton County Health Department to assure the community's health. The Board of Health is charged to address health promotion, disease prevention, and public protection. Board members consist of individuals with medical or a health background, such as:

  • Medicine.
  • Nursing.
  • Hospital administration.
  • Pharmacology.
  • Social work.
  • Dentistry.
  • Veterinary medicine.
  • Engineering.
  • Environmental science.
  • Legal profession.
  • School administration.

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Hamilton County Board of Health Description (PDF)

Economic Development Boards 

(pursuant to IC 36-7-12)

Term Length: 1 Year
Per Indiana Code, the fiscal body of any governmental unit may establish a department of economic development. In Hamilton County, there are several economic development commissions and per Indiana Code, the county fiscal body provides a nomination to each. These commissions have many powers that are listed in Indiana Code (36-7-12-18) but they also have the ability to finance economic development or pollution control facilities for developers and users through the issuance of taxable or tax-exempt bonds.

Each municipality has unique by-laws and position descriptions.  Because of that, it is recommended that interested persons reach out to their municipal or county economic development director to understand their specific expectations. 

Economic Development Boards - Related Documents:

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Not currently available. 

Hamilton County Economic Development Commission 

(pursuant to IC 36-7-12-7)

Term Length: 3 Years
The Hamilton County Economic Development Commission provides the County the ability to finance a single, identified economic development or pollution control facilities and the provision of a program to finance multiple, unidentified economic development facilities that promotes a substantial likelihood of: 

  • Creating or retaining opportunities for gainful employment,
  • Creating business opportunities,
  • Providing reliable water services,
  • Facilitating and developing workforce development solutions for local businesses and residents,
  • Coordinating county-wide quality of life and population growth priorities,
  • The abatement, reduction, or prevention of pollution, or
  • The removal of substances in materials being processed that would otherwise cause pollution when used.

Hamilton County Economic Development Commission - Related Documents:

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Hamilton County Economic Development Commission Description (PDF)

Hamilton County Plan Commission 

(pursuant to IC 36-7-4)

Term Length: 4 Years
The Hamilton County Plan Commission is the body that supports the review and adoption of the comprehensive plan, zoning ordinances and amendments to these planning documents.  In addition to this effort with staff, this body also reviews and renders decisions concerning plating of subdivisions and approval of planned developments for residential, commercial, and manufacturing uses within the jurisdictional boundaries of the county.

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Plan Commission Description (PDF)

Hamilton County Visitor and Convention Commission 

(pursuant to IC 6-9-56)

Term Length: 2 Years
The Hamilton County Visitor and Convention Commission, also known as the Hamilton County Tourism Commission, is the quasi-governmental oversight agency for Hamilton County, Indiana, which serves as the contracting agent for the community’s tourism economic development initiatives. The Visitor and Convention Commission manages a contract with the county’s tourism agency, Hamilton County Tourism Inc., and meets quarterly to review documentation and progress, provide input on issues that impact the community, provide legal support as needed and to ensure equal representation and thoughtful use of the tax dollars are being considered. In addition, the Tourism Commission now oversees distribution of a 3% lodging tax for funds set aside for Tourism Capital Improvements. Three of the five Commission appointments must be from the hospitality industry. One of the Council appointments must also be from the industry and one also must reside or work in Northern Hamilton County. 

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Reviewing the annual tax appropriations request to the county
  • Reviewing the HCT budget and annual plan of work
  • Reviewing grants distributed by the HCT staff for input
  • Reviewing dashboard metrics such as occupancy rates to ensure return on investment
  • Reviewing any market research data provided by HCT
  • Reviewing an annual report of activities by HCT and its president
  • Reviewing the annual audit, with two commissioners serving as members of the Audit Committee
  • Reviewing and approving distribution of a Tourism Capital Improvement Funds
  • Serving as advocates in the community for Hamilton County’s tourism industry 

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Hamilton County Visitor and Convention Commission Position Description (PDF)
Hamilton County Lodging Tax Fact Sheet (PDF)

Library Boards 

(pursuant to IC 36-12-2)

Term Length: 4 Years
Nearly all of the 236 public libraries in Indiana are governed by a seven-member board of trustees. These trustees gather monthly, in person or electronically, to meet with the library’s director and assist them in leading the library, to propose and evaluate library policies, to monitor the library’s progress on its strategic plan and to approve expenditures in accordance with the library budget.

Public library trustees are community members of the library they serve and are required to have resided in the service area of the library they will serve for at least two years immediately before becoming a trustee. Ideally, public library trustees should be library users themselves. They should be advocates for the library in the community. They should be lifelong learners and willing to seek professional development opportunities to hone their skills as a trustee. Most importantly, they should always make decisions with the community’s needs in mind. All public library trustees are required to take an oath of office before serving.

The various library boards have unique board packets for their members. Information can be found below but we would also recommend reaching out to your library Executive Director for more information.

Riverview Hospital Board of Trustees 

(pursuant to IC 16-22-2)

Term Length: 4 Years
Riverview Health is comprised of a full-service, 156-bed hospital in Noblesville, a 16-bed hospital in Westfield, as well as freestanding combined ER and urgent care facilities. Also included are more than 25 primary, immediate and specialty-care facilities in Hamilton County.

Within the Riverview Health system, more than 350 physicians – many who are board-certified or fellowship-trained provide healthcare services in 24 medical specialties. Their expertise, coupled with exceptional specialists and nursing staff, is one of the many reasons they are frequently recognized for clinical and service excellence.

Riverview’s goal is to provide compassionate, patient-centered care to everyone in our community. They continually promote a progressive, nurturing environment and support our community through education seminars, screenings and other events aimed at helping our patients stay well.

As one of the largest employers in Hamilton County, Riverview Health plays an important role in the local business community as well. Although they are a non-profit organization that is owned by Hamilton County, they do not receive tax dollars for operating expenses. They are governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees-appointed by the Hamilton County Commissioners-who oversee hospital policy and strategic direction.

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Not currently available.