Hamilton County Regional Utility District

Project Information

The Board of Commissioners for Hamilton County, Indiana (“Commissioners”), filed a petition (“Petition”) to create a regional water and sewer district (“District”) with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (“IDEM”) on August 3, 2022. Before filing its Petition, the Commissioners provided public notice, held a public hearing, and received written comments. 

After reviewing the comments from the hearing and in writing, the Commissioners decided to reduce the overall size and footprint of the District’s proposed boundaries. The smaller footprint lines up more closely with the preliminary Phase 1 and 2 water and sewer projects that the proposed District hopes to complete. An updated map of the proposed District boundaries is shown below. IDEM will now be reviewing the petition and scheduling a field hearing to receive further public comment. 

The Commissioners intend that sewer and water connections be voluntary such that existing property owners will not be required to connect to a sewer or water main that is installed at or near their property. It is the Commissioners desire that if a homeowner needs to repair or replace their septic system at any time in the future, the homeowner can choose to repair or replace their septic system or connect to the District’s system.

The public hearing presentation, minutes of the meeting, and full petition are listed in the documents section to the right.

Hamilton County US31 Corridor Water and Sewer Project Boundary 640x495