Addressing & GIS

The 911 Address Coordinators keep records of and approve all street and subdivision names in the County, as well as maintain and provide GIS mapping for investigations, dispatch and other departments within the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.

Street & Subdivision Names
To help the public determine what street or subdivision names are already in use, we have posted this information below in .pdf format. All street and subdivision names on the list are already in use or are reserved for future use in developments. Duplicate names, even with a different suffix, will no longer be recommended for use within the County. Street names that are phonetically similar to an existing name will also not be recommended.

Name Approvals & Review
Before a plat is recorded, the subdivision and street names need to be approved for use within the County by the 911 Address Coordinators. The plan department having jurisdiction over the plat's location provides the Street Name Approval Form, which can also be downloaded for review. The final form with the 911 approved street names is required by the Auditor's office at the time of transfer.

If the development lies outside of a local planning jurisdictions limits, and is required to be presented to the Hamilton County Commissioners, a is required. The form can be located here:  Subdivision Review Form.

Email GIS
For questions regarding addressing, subdivision names, or street names, please email us here: Email.