Strategic Plan

Hamilton County Community Corrections Strategic Plan 2015


As leaders in the rehabilitation of program participants we will change behaviors using innovative approaches that enhance personal growth.


We provide cost effective, treatment focused programs incorporating evidence-based practices that generate positive change in participants.

Goals & Objectives

We believe that Evidence Based Practices (EBP) are the foundation of our agency culture

  1. To gather input from staff on current development gaps by April 17.
  2. To establish accountability measures for professional development by October 2017.
  3. To create continuity between our professional development process and our personnel evaluation process by October 2017.
  4. To provide opportunities for our stakeholders to continue their EBP awareness by December 2017

We believe we should explore program alternatives to enhance participant completion of supervision

  1. To identify current gaps in our existing programs by July 2018.
  2. To expand opportunities for clients to participate in needed programs by July 2017.
  3. To shorten time delays in the substance abuse assessment process by March 2017.
  4. To create methods of involving family members in client behavior change by November 2017.

We believe building partnerships within the community will improve our participant’s success

  1. To identify and list our current partners by February 2018.
  2. To determine our capacity to manage and work with community partners by February 2018.
  3. To create a method of cataloguing our community partner relationships by February 2018.
  4. To create a system of identifying potential community partners by June 2018.
  5. To build a schedule that directs our community partner recruiting efforts by October 2018.

We believe that increasing our attention to responsivity issues will result in greater participant success

  1. To become a trauma informed agency by April 2018.
  2. To create opportunities for family members to support pro-social change by November 2017.
  3. To ensure that personnel are using EBPs to enhance client motivation by July 2018.
  4. To examine our programs to insure they address responsivity issues by July 2017.