Strategic Plan

Hamilton County Community Corrections Strategic Plan 2019-2020


As leaders in the rehabilitation of program participants we will change behaviors using innovative approaches that enhance personal growth.


We provide cost effective, treatment focused programs incorporating evidence-based practices that generate positive change in participants.

Goals & Objectives

We believe identified participant needs will be referred to appropriate treatment.

  1. We will develop a program that incentivizes risk reduction by June 20, 2019.
  2. We will research evidence-based assessments that might assist in identifying additional risk/needs and, if appropriate, include the new assessments in agency treatment and supervision of participants by December 2019.

We believe participants who are referred to treatment will begin treatment.

  1. We will develop a communication strategy with participants regarding expectations for treatment by October 2019.
  2. By November of 2019 agency personnel, during the development of the individual treatment plan, will assess the participant's motivation for treatment and identify ways to enhance motivation if necessary.
  3. We will incorporate treatment referral measures in quality assurance reviews by January 2019.

We believe those who begin treatment will successfully complete treatment.

  1. We will compile a list of external service providers available within the area by the end of the first quarter of 2019.
  2. Within 5 business days of completion of a participant's case plan, treatment needs will be prioritized based on assessment results and immediate availability of services.
  3. Within 10 business days of prioritization of services, agency personnel responsible for case planning will develop a treatment outline and schedule to include any barriers (mental, physical, transportation, etc.) that require consideration.

We believe we can reduce unsuccessful discharges in the residential level of supervision.

  1. We will review the availability of offense-based evidence based specialized assessment tools and implement those appropriate by January 2020.
  2. We will assess information obtained from the specialized assessment tools selected, conduct a gap analysis of services, and address identified service gaps by February 2020.
  3. We will implement quality assurance measures to assess the effectiveness of the new tools and services by June 2020.
We believe participants who experience risk reduction at the time of successful discharge will be increased.

  1. We will develop a process to include pro-social influences as part of the participant's case management by June 2019.
  2. We will conduct a staff survey to identify gaps in evidence-based practice knowledge and identify ways in which knowledge gaps may be addressed April 2019.
  3. We will develop a program to partner with community opportunities for employment, provide program information/tax incentives to employers and identify a point of contact at Hamilton County Community Corrections by January 2019.

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