236th St. - SR 38 to Bridge 201

Project Scope

The purpose of the project is to rehabilitate 236th St. from SR 38 to just east of Six Points Rd., a distance of 2.2 miles. The scope is to widen the narrow lanes and add 6' paved shoulders. A 10' multi-use path will be added along with improvements to side ditch drainage. 

Reason for Project

The existing roadway possesses a narrow lane width, inadequate shoulders, and inadequate drainage features. In recent years this corridor has experienced an increased traffic volume which has necessitated a review of the current road conditions.

Construction Details

  • Design Firms: RQAW
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Construction Start Date: TBD
  • Construction Completion (Estimate): TBD
  • Construction Cost (Estimate):  TBD


The design costs will be funded locally. Construction will be funded using Federal Aid with a local match.