Telecom Team

Emergencies and disasters come in many forms and usually without warning. When this happens, traditional communications such as cellular and landlines will become overloaded and fail. To help mitigate these failures, the Telecom Team maintains IP based telephone business type and MEVO 911 sets for deployment during outages caused by nature, accidents, and civil emergencies. The goals are to maintain, for the ready, these units and to look for evolving technologies to expand and improve these assets for the future.  

Why Join Us?

We are a friendly team that will value your time and talents as we learn and train alongside you.

Training Opportunities

Train with us to become familiar with our equipment and be ready to assist in deploying it when disaster strikes. The equipment requires routine updates, battery maintenance and upgrades or replacement as necessary.  

Ready to Get Involved?

Join our Telecom Team today and become a vital asset in our local community emergency response. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced telecom enthusiast, our team provides a supportive environment where you can learn, grow, and contribute meaningfully.  

To learn more about what to do next, visit our Get Involved page to submit an application.


Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Comms Group

Telecom Team Leader

Phone: 317-770-3381


Andrew has 42 years of telecom experience with Indiana Bell, Ameritech, SBC, and AT&T.  From basic Tip and Ring POTS (Plain old Telephone Service) to Internet Protocol TV steaming and everything in between. As a jack of all trades and master of none, I will be learning right along with you!