Comm Ops Team

Not all of the equipment used by the Communications Group  is unique or requires specialized licensure like amateur radios.  Items such as public address loudspeakers, video projection systems and printers can be valuable tools to communicate among response teams and with the public.

The Comm Ops Team supports HCEM by maintaining equipment in ready-to-deploy condition and providing training for other teams to use the equipment effectively without delays during events and incidents.  This equipment is critical for communication under a variety of circumstances and environments. 

Why Join Us?

Some people don’t want to know what makes a good home theater system work. Or an outdoor public address system.  Or a network printer. They just to tap, click, swipe or press buttons and expect it to work.

But for each of these systems and many more, someone had to select the right cables and get everything connected correctly.  For portable systems, someone had to make sure the batteries are charged.  All of the equipment we use for public events and emergency operations requires setup, configuration, testing, and training.

The Comm Ops Team is a group of dedicated volunteers who are responsible for equipment that does not fall into one of the specific categories of other teams such as Radios, Telecom, IT or Satellite communications.  We test A/V equipment and other items to make sure they are in working order.  We verify that the necessary cables, adapters, and other accessories are complete and prepared for a multitude of uses and configurations.  Also, we provide training to other volunteers, which can include the creation of condensed manuals and documentation.

Responsibilities are shared among the team.  Preventative maintenance tasks are tracked so the team is organized and efficient. Times and locations for setup and testing equipment are flexible, simulating the real-world variety of needs while accommodating the schedules of each teammate.




Ready to Get Involved?

Join our Comm Ops Team today and become a vital asset in our local community emergency response. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced radio enthusiast, our team provides a supportive environment where you can learn, grow, and contribute meaningfully.


To learn more about what to do next, visit our Get Involved page to submit an application.


Andre Maue

Andre Maue

Comms Group

Comm Ops Team Leader

 Phone: 317-770-3381



 Andre is a licensed Mechanical Engineer.  His career spans nearly three decades in the design and construction industry. Currently, he is part of a team of architects and engineers designing buildings for schools and universities.