Traffic Court

If you have received a ticket requesting your appearance in night court for either Hamilton Superior Court 4, Superior Court 6, or Superior Court 7 (usually on Wednesday nights at 5:30 p.m.); this guide will inform you of what your legal rights are and how to pay for your ticket without coming to Court. Go to Your Legal Rights for information about:
  • Admitting the charge(s) against you;
  • Attending Night Court;
  • Denying a Charge.

Questions & Phone Numbers
If you have questions on your fine and costs, call Traffic Violation Bureau at 317-776-8584. If you have questions on your appearance date, call the Court assigned to you on your ticket. Court assignment is based on the first letter of your last name.

You may also use the internet to obtain specific information about your case. Please allow 15 days for your ticket to be filed. Visit the Indiana Courts website. Once there:
  1. Select Hamilton County
  2. Select criminal citation case records
  3. Search by your name or UTT number on your ticket

Traffic Court Information

Court Presiding Judge
Phone Number
Hamilton Superior Court 4 (A-G)
Judge J. Richard Campbell
Hamilton Superior Court 7 (H-O)
Judge Darren J. Murphy
Hamilton Superior Court 6 (P-Z)
Judge Stephenie K. Gookins 317-770-4450