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COVID Resources


Hamilton County Health Department Safety Policies 

As a Healthcare facility serving unvaccinated populations, the Health Department continues to follow CDC recommendations to protect all clients, customers and staff in our building. These procedures will be in effect until further notice.  

Building Access Policy:

  1. Face Coverings  (Mask or Face Shields) are required for public (over 2yrs of age) until further notice.  Please provide your own face covering.
  2. Social Distancing will be identified and maintained in all lobby areas
  3. Hand hygiene - Parents and Children able to use hand sanitizer will be asked to clean their hands.

Programs Access Policy:

Public Health Programs will have specific procedures and some limited availability until further notice.  Please see each program for specific details.

Social Distance Public Space
The Hamilton County Health Department encourages social distancing by re-arranging furniture to provide at least six feet between groups in public spaces.  Visit COVID 19 Information for more on what you can do.


The Hamilton County Health Department is dedicated to the purpose of communicable disease prevention and health promotion for residents of all ages in Hamilton County and protecting the environment in which they live. The department maintains programs of education, regulatory enforcement, and provides health services devoted to the promotion of a healthy environment in Hamilton County.


The staff of the Hamilton County Health Department is devoted to meeting the challenge of public health issues, which arise on a daily basis. The department has balanced itself to provide services to residents ranging from Vital Records, Environmental Health, Health Education and Public Health Nursing.

More Information

If you have any questions regarding the services provided by the Hamilton County Health Department, please contact us at 317-776-8500 or by fax 317-776-8506 or visit our office during daily business hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Some program services have limited days and hours of availability, please see specific programs for details.