Vital Records (Births and Deaths)

All persons born in Hamilton County after 1882 have written birth and death certificates on file with the Health Department.  Records are legal copies which can be used for all requests of these documents, including school registration. If you need a copy of these documents, please contact the Health Department office at your earliest convenience. Requests for these records are heavy during mid- to late August. To obtain a birth or death records via mail please select the proper application form.

Obtaining Records

For all birth and death records outside of Hamilton County you may contact the specific county or the Indiana State Department of Health in Indianapolis (ISDH).  ISDH no longer provides walk-in service as of December 10, 2010. For additional information or questions contact ISDH, Vital Records at 317-233-2700

Hamilton County Birth and Death certificates are issued Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Records Applications