Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Center

  1. COVID-19 Operations:
    Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Center is by Appointment Only 

    To drop-off household chemicals, paint, electronics, sharps, tires, etc., you must make an appointment. The appointment only procedure will be in place indefinitely to allow us to continue serving the community while keeping residents and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Schedule Appointment for Drop Off Center

The General Recycling Area is self-serve and open from 8am to 8pm, daily.  To know what can be accepted in that area visit Republic’s Recycling Website

Before you visit 

Our facilities and services are FREE for Hamilton County residents turning in their personal household hazardous or recyclable wastes (No business wastes allowed).  If you are a business (contractor, school, municipality, commercial business, etc.) work directly with a hazardous waste vendor such as American Industrial Services or Heritage Environmental for proper disposal of your waste. If you are business that has recycling such as cardboard work directly with a recycling vendor for proper disposal.  Outside of Hamilton County residents go to  to find your district.

Materials Accepted and Services Provided for Hamilton County Residents

  • HHW Drop-off Center: *By Appointment Only* We will accept typical household wastes that are considered hazardous such as fuels, oils, rechargeable batteries, mercury containing bulbs, cleaners, paints, pesticides, electronics, freon appliances, sharps, and tires. 
  • e-Waste Recycling: *By Appointment Only* Household electronics such as TVs, Microwaves, Computers, Small Appliances, and cords maybe be turned into the program. Limit 5 TVs a year.
  • Paint Disposal: *By Appointment Only* Latex paint is not a hazardous waste. Empty and dry cans may be disposed of at home in curbside trash containers. Full cans of latex or oil based paints and stains may be turned into the HHW Drop-Off Center.
  • General Recycling Area: We maintain a self-serve area for all county residents to deposit general household recyclables. Find out what can be recycled here.
  • Sharps Disposal Program: We will accept used and empty sharps or lancets Sharps MUST be in an approved sharps container to be accepted.  We will give an empty sharps container back free of charge for each container turned in.  If you are ONLY bringing sharps, we will not require an appointment.  However, please wait patiently if someone is in the middle of their appointment to approach the drop-off area. If you try to drop-off anything more than just sharps containers you will be asked to make an appointment.  
  • Paper Shred Days: The HHW Drop-off Center provides Paper Shred Days four times a years to county residents.


We are at 1717 Pleasant Street, Ste. 200, Noblesville. Immediately west of the Hamilton County Extension Office and 4-H Fair Grounds. 


Household Hazardous Waste Building