Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Drop-Off Center and General Recycling Area

New HHW Drop-Off Center Map Starting Jan 1, 2024

We have moved buildings!  We are now accepting HHW Drop-Off Center Materials at the building along the west side of the General Recycling Area.    You can expect a lot of changes over the next two to three years.  Pleasant Street is being expanded which is why we  had to move out of the building we were in for a long time.  Additionally, we will have some remodeling to improve our space which will impact drop-off location and increase congestion.  The Hamilton County Fairgrounds will also be receiving some renovations which could impact traffic around our facility.   Please register ahead to make sure we are open and you know the latest drop-off location.   Please have your materials sorted and ready to drop-off.   

  1. PLEASE, Register Your Visit in Advance

    Advanced registration is encouraged to drop-off household wastes such as chemicals, paint, electronics (including Televisions ($20 fee per Television), Freon containing materials (refrigerators/freezers), tires, etc... Pre-registration provides an efficient way for the HHW Center to collect data relative to the program’s services and support program justification. Residents will not be refused for failing to register but please let the technicians know if you did not so we can still record your information.  

    Our facility is for Hamilton County residents disposing of their personal household waste only. Limit 200 pounds of chemicals per residence per month. For more information on what we do and do not accept please visit the "Materials Accepted" part of our website or call 317-776-4005 and press 1 to speak to a technician. 

    You do NOT need to register for paper shred day events or for the general recycling compactors in the south part of our compound.  

    Register Your Visit for HHW Drop-Off Center

The General Recycling Area is Self-Serve and open the same days, hours, and location as the HHW Drop-Off Center.  Tuesday through Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 8am to 1pm.  CLOSED Sunday & Monday.  Click here for what is acceptable in that area.  This service is for Hamilton County Residents ONLY.  No Businesses or Contractors.  No outside of Hamilton County residents allowed. 

Before you visit 

  • Hamilton County Residents Only
    • Our facilities and services are for Hamilton County residents turning in their personal household hazardous or recyclable waste.  We do restrict to 200 pounds of hazardous waste per month per residence.  
      • Please register ahead for hazardous waste, paint, electronics, tires, refrigerators, sharps, chemicals, etc. (Registration button above).   
      • You do not have to register for general recycling (cardboard, paper, glass jars, plastic bottles, metal cans).
    • Mobile Phone View - Scroll down and click to learn more on our various services as well as hours and location.  
    • Desktop view - Click on the various services listed on the left hand side of this screen to learn more .  Hours and location are on the right hand side of the screen.
  • No Businesses Allowed 
    • This includes contractors, schools, municipality, commercial business, third party drop-offs, etc.
    • You can work directly with a hazardous waste vendor such as Caldwell Environmental Services or Heritage Environmental for proper disposal of your waste. 
    • If you are business that has general recycling such as cardboard work directly with a recycling vendor such as Republic for recycling services.
  • No Out of County Residents Allowed