Food Permit Application

The Hamilton County Health Department currently permits and inspects over 1,000 food services and food stores within the county borders. Unannounced inspections are completed regularly and the frequency of inspections is based on a hazard risk assessment as determined by the inspector. Inspections of restaurants are public information 10 days after an inspection is completed. Food Safety Training is also provided by the health department and is available to food establishments upon request.

Food Facility Permitting Information

  • Permit Procedures (PDF) - for new facilities
  • Food Permit Application (PDF) - for daily operating facilities (Food Service, Food Stores, Bed and Breakfast)
  • Plan Review Packets (PDF) - for new facilities (Food Service, Food Stores, Bed and Breakfast)
  • Remodeling Existing Facilities - Contact the health department if applicable:
    • Submit Permit Application and Plan Review Packet
    • Submit plan review fee
    • Submit floor plan indicating changes
    • Contact local fire department and planning department for additional permit requirements and inspections
Permit Application and supporting documents, must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the planned opening of the facility.

Temporary Vendors & Organized Events

  • Temporary vendors that operating at organized events or festival may obtain single event permits for 1-14 consecutive day of operations.
  •  An Annual Temporary permit may be obtained annually, allowing a temporary food vendor to participate at different events/festivals/celebrations throughout the calendar year.  
  • Event organizer are requested at no charge to make application and supply vendor information prior to hosting an organized event with food so that the health department can ensure food safety at the event.
Please go to the Temporary Food Permit & Event Organizer page for more information.

Additional Information

Please see the Food Rules and Regulations page for additional food safety operation requirements and educational information.