Temporary Food Permit & Event Organizer

Food Event Organizers:

  • Market Masters

  • Celebrations Fairs & Festival Organizers

The Hamilton County Health Department (HCHD) has implemented an Event Organizer Registration Application (PDF) for organizers of events serving food in Hamilton County. There is no charge for the registration. The event organizer should submit a site map of the event area detailing vendor locations, toilet, and hand washing facilities, drinking water access for food vendors, and trash receptacles for vendors and patrons. Once you submit your registration application, you will receive a confirmation of registration within 5 business days. This registration allows HCHD staff to ensure that food vendors are made aware of local health codes prior to the event.

Organizers of food events have an inherent responsibility to the public to provide a safe and healthy event. The Health Department also has similar responsibilities and needs information in order to provide the proper resources to support a safe and healthy event in your community.

Temporary Food Events - Fairs, Festivals, Farmers Markets

Per Hamilton County Ordinance 16-20-7, each location utilized for food handling and preparation activities is required to be separately permitted per each business establishment and inspected within Hamilton County.

If preparation, handling, or packaging of food products occurs in another county, proof of permit from that county must be provided prior to being issued a temporary permit. Retail food preparation may not occur in a private residence. Temporary vendors utilizing leased commercial kitchen space to prepare food prior to a food event must obtain a separate Food Service operating permit for that food preparation location. The food service application is available in the Food Permit Application section. All temporary food vendors must have a certified food handler, unless exempted by food type per IC 16-42-5.2.

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