Recreation Water Sampling Program

The objective of this project is to monitor and evaluate Escherichia Coli (E.coli) levels in Hamilton County's recreational waterways. The Hamilton County Health Department has mapped approximately 19 locations where the public is most likely to come into contact with surface water. The sampling locations were selected by the Health Department Administrator and Vector Biologist. Sites were selected based on the probability of full body contact and the ability to collect and deliver samples to the Indiana State Department of Health Laboratory in Indianapolis. Water samples are collected during the recreational season, from April through October. Sampling over this period will provide valuable information concerning fluctuations of E. coli levels in recreational waterways.

Exposure Concentration

Since it naturally occurs in the digestive tract of humans and other warm blooded animals, the presence of Escherichia coli in water indicates contamination from raw sewage. Exposure to elevated levels of E.coli can cause illness and infections. According to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Indiana Code Title 327, Article 2, Chapter 1, Section 6 (327 IAC 2-1-6), "the concentration of E.coli in a recreational waterway shall not exceed 235 colonies per 100 milliliters of water in any one sample."

Please review online records of Recreational Water Samples taken by the health department.

Recreation Waterway Location & ID's

  • Location 1: Morse Reservoir, South Harbor Clubhouse Beach
  • Location 2: White River, White River Campground
  • Location 3: White River, Department of Natural Resources boat ramp, next to Schwartz's Bait and Tackle
  • Location 4: White River, Potter's Bridge
  • Location 5: Morse Reservoir, Red Bridge Park, Cicero
  • Location 6: Cicero Creek, State Route 38 Bridge
  • Location 7: Morse Reservoir, 209th Street Bridge
  • Location 8: Morse Reservoir, Morse Beach swimming area
  • Location 9: White River, State Route 37 Bridge, Strawtown
  • Location 10: Fall Creek, Geist Park
  • Location 11: White River, 116th Bridge, public access
  • Location 12: Cool Creek, located in Cool Creek Park
  • Location 13: Geist Reservoir, Boat access off of Olio Road
  • Location 14: Geist Marina, Fall Creek Bridge
  • Location 15: J.M. Thompson Drain, Asa Bales Park, Westfield
  • Location 16: Cicero Creek, State Route 32 Bridge
  • Location 17: No longer sampled, see Site #3
  • Location 18: Stony Creek, Greenfield Avenue Bridge
  • Location 19: Cicero Creek, Spillway at Morse Reservoir, Morse Beach
  • Location 20: Lake Stonebridge, Used for Fire Department Dive Training no public access