Juvenile Supervision

School-Based Probation

The School-Based Probation Program is a collaborative effort between the Hamilton County Probation Department and the Carmel-Clay, Hamilton Heights, Hamilton Southeastern, Noblesville, Sheridan and Westfield-Washington School Systems along with the local police departments. The objectives of the program are to increase face-to-face supervision of juvenile probationers, communicate with youth in the community and enhance communication between probation, school officials and police resource officers.


School-Based Probation allows the supervising Probation Officers to observe juveniles' interactions with their peers, teachers and school administrators. Overall, within this system, the School-Based Probation Officers are more accessible to, and more involved in the daily routine of the juveniles whom they supervise. Daily responsibilities of the School-Based Probation Officers include:

  • Regular check-in appointments
  • Collaborative efforts with school counselors, teachers, administrators and police officers
  • Lunchroom and hall supervision

The program was expanded in 2006 and now includes all public Junior High and High Schools in Hamilton County as well as both Options Charter Schools and MOSAICS.

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