Property Split Requirements

Due to the growth of the county, the Hamilton County Tax Mapping Department needs accurate split information to perform their jobs efficiently. Therefore, effective June 1, 2001, the Hamilton County Auditor enforces Indiana Code (32-21-2-13). This code requires that all splits or combinations of existing parcels be recorded with a drawing indicating where the new parcel will be located, the acreage of the new parcel and whether or not improvements exist on the property.

Mapping New Parcels

Our office wants to map new parcels accurately and having correct split information will benefit all taxpayers and the Hamilton County taxing process. Therefore, we are requiring that you include either a survey or drawing that accurately depicts the new split. You will also need to complete a Split Sheet (PDF), indicating the acreage of the new parcel and also whether or not it includes improvements. You can also view an example of a split drawing (PDF).