Plats & Subdivisions

As of January 1, 2004, per County Ordinance 11-24-03-A (PDF), any subdivision plat being presented to the Real Property Department for transfer shall have attached to the plat a copy of the completed Review Form by the E-911 Address Coordinator and signed with approval by the representative of the local authorizing jurisdiction that has approved the subdivision and the streets within the subdivision.  The plan department in authority of the plat's location provides the street name approval form.

Plat Submissions

As of September 1, 2004 Hamilton County will require digital submission of plats to the Real Property Department per County Ordinance 6-14-04-A (PDF). Without the digital plat file, the plat will not receive the Auditor's duly entered stamp. The digital plat file can be emailed to the office.

All new subdivisions (plats) to be filed in the Recorder's Office require an Auditor's stamp of transfer on the day of recording. The form with the E-911 approved street names is required by the Auditor's office at the time of transfer.

Submission Components

Some of the major requirements that should be included on the plat are: Designation sentence stating what the plat should be called and how many lots are being platted, along with the acreage of the plat. Also the owner should sign off on the plat as they took title to it.

Fees (Check/Cash Only)

There is an economic development $50 per residential lot fee that is collected at the time of transfer, per County Ordinance 04-09-18-A (PDF).  The Hamilton County Auditor will collect $10 per parcel on plats submitted to the Real Property Department for endorsement beginning July 1, 2019. Checks for both fees need to be made out to the Hamilton County Auditor.

Street & Subdivision Names

911 Communications has the responsibility of approving street and subdivision names in Hamilton County. Visit their Addressing page for their current lists. These lists help people determine what street and subdivision names are in use in Hamilton County.

Special Notice

All delinquent property taxes need to be paid on parcels being platted. No transfer stamp will be given unless delinquent taxes are paid. This is per Indiana Ordinance IC 6-1.1-5-5.5 (PDF).

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