Assessor's Office

Important Note

The Notice of Assessment Form 11 will be mailed on April 30, 2019. Taxpayers will have until June 17, 2019 (45 days) to appeal.


The roles of the Assessor include:
  • Assesses real and business personal property
  • Evaluates real estate and business personal property appeals
  • Oversees General Reassessment process
  • Ensures countywide uniform property assessment
  • Administers Sales Disclosure Process
  • Discovers and identifies omitted property
  • Certifies current assessments to the County Auditor's office
  • Utilizes recent sales of land to establish base market rates and values
  • Advises and instructs the County's Township Satellite Office Managers

Property Assessments

If you need specific assessment values for your property or wish to question existing assessed values for your property, please call the appropriate Satellite Office location or contact our office directly.

Property Record Cards

Please find the time to check your Assessment Property Record Card for any errors. You know your property better than we do. Assessment Property Record Cards can be obtained through our Property Reports and Payments application (under Property Assessment), your Satellite Office, or the County Assessor.

More Information

We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your assessment. Please refer to our Office Locations to determine where to file Personal Property.