Morse Park & Beach History

Morse Park was leased to Hamilton County Parks and Recreation (HCPR)  in 1972, totaling 15 acres located in Noblesville along Morse Reservoir. A bathhouse and swimming beach were constructed along the reservoir to offer water recreational activities. An additional 8 acres of land was donated to Hamilton County Parks for Morse Park by a private corporation making the park a total of 23 acres in 1983.

In 1995, HCPR purchased the park property, obtaining full ownership of the property. Osprey Pointe Pavilion was added to the park as a waterfront recreational facility in 2004.

The Forest Park/Morse Beach trail was completed in 2005. 

In September 2019 the City of Noblesville and Hamilton County Parks and Recreation (HCPR) officials officially opened the Levee Trail. The trail adds 1.4 miles of multi-use asphalt on the east side of Morse Reservoir running from Morse Park and Beach north along the reservoir to Carrigan Road.

For more information on the Noblesville trail system visit Noblesville Parks & Recreation website.

The Morse Reservoir was constructed in 1956. The reservoir was built to serve as a reservoir of water for the city of Indianapolis. Morse Reservoir is a 1500-acre body of water. It is owned by the Indianapolis Water Company.

Morse Park Amenities

Among Morse Park's amenities are also a playground, multiple shelters, volleyball court, softball diamond complex, and the county's 1st disc golf course.
Osprey Pointe Pavilion located on Morse Park.