Parks Rules & Hours

Park Hours

All parks operated by Hamilton County Parks and Recreation are open 365 days a year, from one-half (1/2) hour before sunrise until one-half (1/2) hour after sunset, except for White River Campground (during the camping season), Geist Park and Morse Park, which is open 24 hours. 

Some sections of the parks may be closed due to special events or shelter reservations. Please call the Administration Office at 317-770-4400 for additional date and time information.

Hamilton County Parks Rules & Regulations

The Hamilton County Parks exist for your health, leisure and enjoyment. To help ensure a positive experience for all park users, please adhere to the following rules and regulations:

  • Organized youth and adult events, practices, runs/walks, specialized activities and events are required to obtain a permit
  • Youth and adult sports are not permitted at Coxhall Gardens.
  • No golfing allowed
  • No hunting or discharge of a firearm
  • All pets must be on a physical leash and owners must collect and dispose of animal waste caused by their pet
  • No person shall release wildlife, pets or any animals within any park.
  • Please put all trash in trash receptacles.
  • No swimming or wading permitted, except in designated areas.
  • No open campfire in any park except in areas which are expressly designated by signage.
  • No soliciting on park grounds.
  • No alcoholic beverages or non-prescription drugs permitted (except alcohol by permit only).
  • Smoking allowed only in designated areas.
  • No person shall operate a motorized vehicle, bicycle, or other non-motorized vehicle within any park at a speed in excess of fifteen (15) miles per hour.
  • No person shall operate a remote control watercraft, model car, maned or unmanned balloon, or model airplane within a Park, without a permit issued
  • No person shall operate a drone below the altitude of four hundred (400) feet above the land surface of any park.
  • No person shall deface, destroy, or damage any building, structure, signs, or other improvement within a park.
  • No person shall discharge fireworks within a park, unless approved by the Park Director or Deputy Director for an official park sponsored or approved event.
  • No excavating or attempt to excavate any land within a Park for any purpose other than approved maintenance or construction without first obtaining a permit
  • No removal of plants, artifacts, rocks, wood, or any other material from the Park, unless such removal is expressly authorized and permitted
  • No person shall park any vehicle or allow their vehicle to be parked in a designated No Parking area or in any part of the Park, which is not improved for parking with stone or pavement. The Hamilton County Parks & Recreation Department shall have the authority to designate and place signage to designate “No Parking” areas.
  • No person shall operate any motorized vehicle on any walking or equestrian trail within a park unless said person has been issued a current Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department Handicap Permit.
  • No person or individual shall be permitted to use gas motors on any lake or pond within a park, without a permit issued by the parks department.
  • No damaging any tree, plant or other vegetation located within a park.
  • No installation or placement of any sign in any park other than signs approved by the park department.
 Koteewi Lake Rules and Regulations
 For a full list of the rules and regulations of Strawtown Koteewi Lake, please visit us here 

Special Use Forms & Permits