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In an effort to better inform the public on the status of road or bridge improvement projects, the Hamilton County Highway Department provides this interactive map detailing current projects that are in design, ready for construction, or under construction.

The projects shown on this map represent projects that are planned, designed, and managed under the jurisdiction of Hamilton County per the Hamilton County Highway Department as well as projects which are managed by cities and towns within Hamilton County. Projects which are under the jurisdiction of the State of Indiana (INDOT) within Hamilton County are also represented on this map.

The information shown on this map has been obtained from various Hamilton County departments as well as municipalities other than Hamilton County. This information is deemed to be reliable at the time of production for its intended use, but may contain errors. Hamilton County does not warrant the accuracy of this information for any use other than its own. Hamilton County disclaims any and all liability resulting from any error or omission on this map.

If you are unsure of the jurisdiction of a particular project, please contact the Highway Department at (317)773-7770.