Tax Sale Registration for Bidding

Bidding On The Tax Sale

  • If you are interested in bidding on the tax sale for an Indiana county, you may register online at This registration is good for all counties that SRI services. You need to register only once for all counties. Make sure to bring the completed form with you to each sale. This will speed up the registration process for you the morning of the sale. If you do not have access to a computer with internet service you may register the morning of the sale.
  • Please arrive the morning of the tax sale at least 30 minutes before the beginning time to be assured you will receive your bid number before the start of the sale. 
  • Please bring your registration form and W9 form with you the morning of the tax sale. You will be able to print these forms from the registration web site. 
  • In order to bid on the Hamilton County Tax Sale, each bidder must present a valid government issued photo id as part of the registration process.  If you are an agent of the bidder, you must present your valid government issued photo id and identify yourself as the agent for the bidder on the registration form.

Pursuant to IC 6-1.1-24-5.1 a business entity that seeks to register to bid at the Hamilton County Tax Sale must provide a Certificate of Existence or Foreign Registration Statement in accordance with IC 5-23 from the Secretary of State to the Hamilton County Treasurer.