206th St. - Hague Rd. to Cumberland Rd.

Project Information

Current Status

9/26/18: Final Design is underway.

Project Location

Project spans from 206th Street in Noblesville Township from Hague Road to Cumberland Road (2 miles).


Project Scope

The road will be reconstructed to a 5-lane section with a center median.
  • Phase 1: Hague Road to S.R. 19 (including possible realignment and improvement of the intersection at 209th and Hague)
  • Phase 2: S.R. 19 to Cumberland Road

Reason for Project

Deteriorating road conditions and increased traffic volume.

Construction Details

  • Design Firms:
    • USI Consultants
    • HWC Engineering
  • Contractor: To be determined
  • Construction Start Date: To be determined
  • Construction Completion (Estimate): To be determined
  • Construction Cost (Estimate):  To be determined


The design costs will be funded locally. Construction funding has yet to be determined.